PRUGNI – Italian Plums

PlumsThis year the raspberries weren’t too great, the figs were a terrible disappointment, but we have plums! They are also called Italian Prunes. Now why would someone paint Italian Prunes? It came to me in a dream. I was frustrated because my paintings haven’t been inspiring me lately, and so I dreamed that my husband suggested I paint plums because they’re simple. I’m here to tell you that they are NOT really that simple, but it was a joy to paint them.  Next; a portrait!

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6 thoughts on “PRUGNI – Italian Plums”

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  2. oh my. they look delish! what beauties. I terrible about blogs but got a call from Cathy to check out hers….I talked her into going to Julie and Julia and she put on her pearls and her apron to demo some salso..anyway, thought I better see what’s new with you and your blog. oh my…such wonderful work you do!!!

  3. They look good enough to eat! Our own plums this year are HUGE; they are compared (in size) to a stick of butter on my blog if you care to look. When we’ve eaten our fill I pit them, freezing them for later on waffles. Also I make plum sauce for Thai salad rolls. We are into squirreling away food for the winter since it is almost here and lasts until summer.

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